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Hot For the Pink Lippie

Everyone is waiting on ColourPop’s makeup products to come in Sephora Stores in November.  Meanwhile, I am enjoying one of their products right now.  Ipsy was able to bless me with this lovely product for this month’s glambag.  I was running on low with my latest matte frappuccino colored Jordana Lipstick.  Lucky for me, my Ipsy glambag came in just in time for me to take care of the smackers.  I was so excited of be wearing one of ColourPop’s lipstick for the first time.  The company already won me over with their mr. bing crème gel pencil liner.  I wanted to see how fabulous their lip stick really is.  As soon as I seen this lip stick, I just knew that I was going to have fun with it.  Check out my fabulous experience with ColourPop’s lippie stix.

The Color…
The color of the lippie stix that I have gotten from Ipsy was mirror, mirror.  Mirror, mirror is this awesome hot pink color that a person cannot resist.  When I first wore the lippie stix, I was skeptical about how this color loo…

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