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Therapy In Retail

At the beginning of October, I was able to be a guest for a fall shopping event called Retail Therapy. How I have been working lately, I needed all the retail therapy that I can get. Hosted by friend, fashion blogger, Designer Diva, I was able to mingle , shop, and not mention have fun. This event was everything that I needed and more! Dona Goodchild... At the fall shopping event, I was able to meet model Dona Goodchild. She has been modeling in Charlotte since the year of 2019. During this year, she was discovered by photographer, Careers Robinson at Charlotte Summer Scene. With Robinson's guidance, Dona Goodchild became a team member of Charlotte Seen. Goodchild has appeared in events for both Charlotte Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. She is currently doing fashion events for Charlotte, NC. After meeting Dona Goodchild, it was a pleasure and honor to see such talent in a young age.  The Event... The event was hosted in Michael Kors. Ever since I have gotten into

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