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My Gorgeous Snow Day

In my hometown,  Mother Nature have brought a little sheet of snow during the weekend.  Everyone who knows the south in America, knows that everything shuts down if there at least one snowflake on the ground.  While staying in the house all day,  I made the best of it.  I caught up with my readying, prayed to God, and playing video games.  After having so much fun on my snow day,  I was able to play with my makeup.  After finally having a day off from work,  I was able to finally play with my eye-shadow the way I want to.   See how my snow day became a makeup day for me.

Too Long…
While looking through my makeup box, I realized that there are some makeup that I have not worn in a while.  My Max Studio three pallet eye-shadow pack was one of them.  Sure, I have worn this makeup before.  But the last time I worn this makeup pallet was back in July of this year.  I get new make-up every month.  I am always trying new make-up.  Sometimes,  it is just so hard to keep up.  While I had time…

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