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Volume, Natural, And PURfect

Good old mascara.  I cannot explain on how much I love mascara.  Every time I leave the house, I make sure I have mascara on my eyelashes.  It does not matter if I am going to work.  It does not matter if I am just going to the grocery store for ten minutes.   I have to have my mascara.  Lucky for me, Ipsy was able to give me this lovely mascara by PUR.  This mascara is great for
eyes, any type of eye-shadow, and the face.  This makeup is the best for the eyelashes.

Keep It Simple…
What I love about this mascara is that it is black.  I know what everyone is thinking.  All type of mascara is the color black.  But, there is something about the color black in eye makeup.  The color allows the eyes to look fierce, natural, or petite.  In this case, the color allows my eyes to be natural.  Whenever I wear this mascara, others really do not notice that I have it on my mascara.  It is always great to have that natural look to the eyes.  Everyone can see the true beauty in my eyes once weari…

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