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Fun Browsing

Last week, I went to great sip & shop birthday party event.  The event was for my special friend, Designer Diva.  Before I got my sip & shop on, I decided to browse around at South Park Mall in Charlotte, North Carolina.  For the past two months, I have been working and blogging.  It has been way overdue for yours truly to have a good old window shopping.  For a half an hour before the event, I made the best of the time by trying on cute accessories. See how I had a little fun time before the fun had ever begin! Cover Me Sweetly...
The first store that I went to was Burberry.  I wanted to shop around and see what I can really get myself into.  At first, I tried on Burberry's sunglasses.  When it comes down to sunglasses, I am a complete sucker for them.  It always feel so great to protect the beautiful eyes from the sunlight in style.  I was looking so great in the sunglasses that it was not even funny.  Next, I tried on this lovely tan trench coat.  It has been four year…

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