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Natural With The Nails

As the beautiful weather is just getting started, I am just getting started on rocking the nail polish.  For once, I decided to wear anything bright, girly, or springy.  Instead, I went for something dark, neutral, and grounded.  This is my first Tim wearing anything like this color.  However, I am down with anything first when it comes down to nail polish.  This color is the color to have for the spring/summer season.

The Color…
Adesse did a number when making this color deception.  The color is a dark cement gray color that is so divine in its own way.  What I love about this nail polish is that it is neutral color.  During the spring/summer seasons, bright colored nail polishes are often worn.  However, this give neutral colors a chance to shine within the spring/summer.  Neutral colors are able to show off more into the season do to the fact of is being overshadowed by bright colors.  They are able to show off its own techniques away from bright colors.  While bright colors keeps…

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