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My Hazelnut Cheeks

I barely wear any blush on my face.  For me to wear any blush, I have to really like it.  When trying Mannakadar Beauty's blush, I liked it a little bit.  At first, I was kind of skeptical about wearing this blush.  Then, I decided why not.  It would not hurt to try something once.  After applying this blush on my face, I had to get use to it a little bit.  For I am not a blush wearing lady.  After taking a second glace at the blush again, I realized that I can actually pull this blush off.  Mannakadar Beauty may have knew what they were thinking when they made this blush.

The color of the blush was a hazelnut color.  Its color is very light on my complexion.  Light colors often look great on my complexion if I put just a little bit on my face.  That is what I did with this blush. I put just a little bit on my cheeks so my face would not look so bleached.  For me to put just a little bit of  blush on my face, the hazelnut color can easily blend in with the rest of my make-…

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