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My Late Makeup

Throughout the month of July, I was not able to talk about on how great my monthly makeup is.  However, I was able to have fun with it!  I was able to show off a little bit of creativity of my eye makeup.  I kept it beautiful, crazy and not to mention cute.  Beauty Creations ' Annette 69 eyeshadow palette will have anyone to think out of the box of being unique with its beautiful eyeshadow palette.  With this makeup, my beautiful eyes can dazzle through the upcoming fall season.

Keep It Calm...
This past Sunday, I decided to keep the eyes calm with Beauty Creations' Annette 69 eyeshadow palette.  My top color was the unstoppable color.  The unstoppable color is this beautiful brown color that has that beautiful natural look to it.  The unstoppable was able bring out my beautiful brown eyes more within its natural look.  The color was able to give my entire face a nice
relaxing vibe that is so irresistible.  However, I was not finished with my eye makeup just yet.  The second…

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