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Metallic In The Eyes

It is eye- shadow time!  I love eye makeup and I am not too proud to show it! This eye-shadow is the best for me right now.  As soon as I seen this baby, I was completely blown away.  Oh my goodness, I still cannot believe my eyes when I first seen this eye-shadow! This eye makeup is pretty, adoring, and exciting.  Come and see why I love Naked Cosmetics’ eye-shadow.

Words cannot describe on how beautiful Naked Cosmetics' eye-shadows are. The color of the eye makeup that I got in my Ipsy bag is Mother Nature #06.  This color is a beautiful metallic color that a person cannot resist.  This color brings out the true beauty of my eyes.  The Mother Nature #06 has no problem giving the eyes a tasteful look to them.  With this color, others can see why this eye-shadow makes a great collaboration with my eyes.  This color allows the eye color to shine more with in the make-up.  The color of my beautiful brown eyes can sparkle within the metallic color that surrounds them.  With …

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