Big Surprise, Big Frames

Today, was a big huge shocker for me with the weather. It was sixty-nine degrees and sunny.  I was having a good time last week.  With the beautiful sun glaring wonderful on my face, I had to get my brand new sunglasses by Jessica Simpson.  Two months ago, I end up browsing in Marshall's.  When looking in the store, I found these cute sunglasses.  Sure, I have gotten some sunglasses by Jessica Simpson last year.  However, I end up losing them.  After almost a year of losing my original Jessica Simpson sunglasses, I finally was able to replace them with better one's.  These sunglasses are the perfect thing to wear for the bright sunny day.

When it comes down to sunglasses, I am all about the frames.  The frames have to big enough to cover up half of my beautiful face.  I am so overprotective when it comes down to my beautiful brown eyes.  When it comes down to my eyes, I always want them to stay healthy and undamaged as much as possible. 
That is why I always get the big framed sunglasses.  My beautiful brown eyes are shield from any brightness that sun can ever beam in my face. My eyes are free from any sun damages.  My eyes have a new look to them.  These frames are the best!

When it comes down to sunglasses, I am all about rectangular frames.  Why?  Because I look so gorgeous in them.  I feel like a complete diva when wearing rectangular frames. When wearing these sunglasses by Jessica Simpson, I look glamorous, cute, and divine.  These frames not only keep the eyes safe from sun, but they keep them looking so stunning for the beautiful outdoors.  With these rectangular frames,  the weather cannot stand a chance of this cute look.

Pink and White...
With the sunglasses being pink and white, that is just icing on the cake of me loving these cuties.  The colors pink and white gives these sunglasses a beautiful spring feeling that can be backed in.  The spring season is all about the bright colors.  Bright colors is all about having that refreshing  feeling that soothes the soul. When wearing these sunglasses, I feel refreshed and relaxed.  In
fact, I feel like kicking back and just enjoying the fresh air.  While enjoying the beautiful weather last week, my eyes was able  kick back into these two colors and just enjoy the beautiful sun.  The colors pink and white gives that lovely feeling to just embrace the spring fever.  Whenever the season spring pops up, the colors pink and can be easily thought of.  These colors are shown in flowers as soon as they blossom through this season.  Both colors are about high energy and passion.  Both colors could make anyone to kick back and relax. By wearing these sunglasses, I can just take the day away with fun and relaxation.

After having a lovely day like this, it became better with these Jessica Simpson sunglasses.  I was kicking back and just chilling out under the sun.  Afterwards, it felt great! These sunglasses are just cute for the sun.