Glamour Me Up Cali

Every time I get new makeup every month, I just love it! When I got my Yes Oh Yas! package, I was loving every once of  makeup in it.  I have been wearing this glamorous eye-shadow pallet ever since I got it two months ago.  Despite of my hectic life, I still have time to enjoy this wonderful makeup on my beautiful brown eyes. I still have time to look like I haven not been working twenty-four/seven.  Instead, I look like a glamorous diva.  Ever since I gotten Beauty Creations' Cali Chic, it has been melting my heart.

Beauty Creations ' Cali Chic has the most beautiful colors in its' pallet.  But, it will take me five blog posts to talk about Cali Chic.  One of colors that was my favorite was sail.  The color sail was this beautiful chocolate brown that glitters all day long.  Chocolate brown is that color that has my beautiful brown eyes looking natural in such a unique way.  The glitter in the eye-shadow is able to bring so much volume and glamour in the chocolate brown color.  The color is able give my beautiful brown eyes a little bit of sparkle that can be easily loved.  With this sail color, my eyes can charm anyone.

Tan lines...
My second favorite color of Cali Chic is tan lines.  Tan lines is the  light golden brown color that just make anyone fall in love with it.  When I first seen this color, I was skeptical about wearing it on my eyelids.  I thought it was going to be too light for my complexion.  Unfortunately, the color was too light for my eyes.
However, I had a great solution to the problem.  I end up applying my chocolate colored eye-shadow pencil from e.l.f. underneath my eyebrows.  I blended the chocolate colored eye-shadow with the tan lines colored eye-shadow. The chocolate color was able to calm down the tan lines color.  With both of these colors, my beautiful brown eyes were able to pop with excitement.  My eyes looked so luscious and fun. With these two colors, my eyes have no problem being the talk over town.

My third favorite eye-shadow color from Cali Chic is sunset.  Sunset is this dark orange color that is so sweet on the eyes.  I decided to get my champagne colored pencil eye-shadow from e.l.f. to bring the glam out of the sunset color even more.  The
champagne color had no problem bringing out more of the sunset's beauty.  With the sunset color, it has no problem keeping my beautiful brown eyes so poise and sweet along with the champagne colored eye-shadow.  These two eye-shadows were able to give me that nice flaring look that I can just love.  Never would I think that anything orange would look so good on my eyes.  Fortunate for me, this sunset color is just beautiful for the eyes.  With this color, my eyes could not look more cute.

Beauty Creations' Cali Chic is just so amazing for my beautiful brown eyes.  Ever since I have gotten it, I have not been apart of it.  I always make sure that my eyes are glammed up for the day.  It does not matter if I am going to the store or hanging out with my friends, I just have to wear this Cali Chic on my eyelids. With this make pallet, my eyes have no problem being the glam of the day.