Loving My Pearl

While everyone is enjoying the beginning of the year, I am still enjoying my jewelry from Christmas.  I know, Christmas has been over with.  But when I have great Christmas presents, I just have to enjoy it! One of my best friends has given me this beautiful pearl necklace.  As soon as I seen this necklace, I fell in love with it.  However, it was a process of getting this beautiful pearl.  See why I am loving this lovely necklace.

When I first gotten the pearl necklace, it was in a kit.  The pearl itself was in a clam.  The clam was concealed in a can.  When looking at the kit, I saw there were five possible colors I could get.  I could get either the colors purple, white, cream, black, and peach.  I was excited on what the color of the pearl was going to be.  I opened the can with excitement.  The water and alcohol that was in the can along with the clam had splashed a little bit on me.  I end up getting a big towel and placing the can on top on it. I gently took the clam out.  I took the small tool that came with the kit to open up the clam. I gently opened the clam with the tool.  As soon as I opened the clam, I was so shocked on what color was stored it. 

My Color...
As soon as I opened up the clam,  I was so shocked on what color I have gotten.  The color that I have gotten was peach.  The color of each pearl had a meaning to it.  The color white means wisdom.  The color cream means success.  The color black means love.  The color purple means wealth.  My peach colored pearl means health.  It was so beautiful.  By just looking at the peach pearl, I was so excited to wear as a necklace.

Just Pretty...
As soon I got this pearl, I placed it in the necklace.  I happily wore
the necklace around my neck like it is no tomorrow.  I love that fact that this necklace just sits so elegantly on my neck.  It is high enough to make my neck look so beautiful to eyes.  The pink pearl shines on my neck like it is no tomorrow.  The beauty of the pearl shows so much class and uniqueness on the body.  The pearl is able to really show off its natural beauty by  being worn as an accessory.  With it being simple and not too much on my neck, I can easily enjoy the pearl itself.

After getting this beautiful necklace from my best friend, it has been so hard for me not want to wear it. I have been finding myself so attached to it. What I really loved that the color of the pearl means health.  I am all about being healthy in my body, mind, and spirit.  When look at this beautiful pearl, I am reminded how important it is to have a strong body, mind, and spirit.  With this pearl, rocking to an accessory will be no problem!